Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thoughts from Bert...

The 2008 Minnesota Twins season ended after they lost 1-0 to the Chicago White Sox in game #163 of the season. The White Sox are the winners of the Central Division and now continue on into the post season.

The Twins had a great year with the young talent they had and it should be an interesting 2009 season. I do have one complaint about the way the season ended. I know, through the Commission's Office of Major League Baseball, that a coin flip was used in determining who would have home field advantage if an extra game was needed like one one that the Twins and White Sox played.

Why was the game played in Chicago? The Twins won the season series 10-8 and they should have had home field advantage for this game! It's not right when a flip of a coin determines the outcome of a long season. So winning the season series doesn't really mean anything, right? That's bull! The Twins were 8-1 vs. the White Sox in the Metrodome and 2-7 in U.S. Cellular Field.I guess I am complaining over spilled milk but this was not right!Anyway, the Twins did have a great year as a ball club. The last week of the season had to be very exciting for all the players, coaches and manager. This last week turned out to be like post season because of the crowds that attended these games. Especially the last 6 games in the Dome.

The Twins fans again were the 10th player on the field and I personally want to thank the fans for their support throughout the season. Fox Sports North TV rating were higher then normal because of the players on the field and the way they played throughout the season.I hope everyone has a great winter and I am already waiting to see the games in spring training and the excitement that comes with a new season. The young pitching staff and younger everyday players should feel proud of the nice job they did throughout the 2008 season.

Also congratulations to Joe Mauer in winning his second American League batting title and let's hope Justin Morneau and/or Joe Mauer bring the MVP Award back to the Twin Cities.

God Bless you and and be safe,
Bert Blyleven


Anonymous said...

Putting a positive spin on the loss -- who ever thought the team would make it to 163 games without Santana? They would have been unbeatable had they kept him for 2008. I am confident they will win the Central next year with the continued maturation of the young talent. Thanks for taking your time in writing for this blog, Bert, and may you make the Hall one of these years.

Anonymous said...

Also, next year, Bert and Dick need to promote this blog more on TV! It's great!!